We Buy, Build,
and Grow Companies.

With a focus on the energy, power, manufacturing, and construction markets, our team brings over a century of broad operating and investing experience in each sector.



We are an investment group comprised of both independent funds and individuals that bring capital and management expertise to opportunities where we can leverage our capabilities and accelerate growth.

With a focus on the energy, power, manufacturing, and construction markets, our team brings over a century of broad operating and investing experience in each sector.

Our team aligns the interests of our investors and company partners to ensure we make a lasting impact. We live by our core values that anchor us and allow us to bring long lasting, scalable solutions to the markets in which we invest.

Our Work


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Our Target Investment Profile

TCH is building a platform of companies in energy, power, manufacturing, and construction services that are greater than the sum of their parts. We invest when synergies can be found and unique mutually beneficial relationships can be formed.

We are strategic investors helping companies that need to evolve reach their dreams. This is where we make a difference.

We listen fast and have a bias for action. We know the risk of inertia.

“We always bet on the jockey and not the horse.”

Our Core Values

The Principles That Matter Most

Do things the right way

Do things the right way

Team members at TCH adhere to a higher standard, whether personally or professionally, to always do things the right way. No matter the the difficulty, the cost or consequences, we do what’s right.
Do things the right way

Take care of each other

We always rise to the occasion and look out for each other. All our high-performance teams become like family because we’re part of something special. We watch each other’s backs, create a safe and productive workplace, each of us doing our part for the good of the whole.

Do things the right way

Continuous improvement

TCH is a “change ready organization” that builds our teams with a focus on hiring “A“ players who know without change there is no improvement.
Do things the right way

Have fun

Performance creates many chances for teammates to have fun. TCH promotes a “lighthearted” atmosphere where there is no fear and personnel are always encouraged “to make someone’s day.”



Tri Con Holdings continues to support all of our companies’ commitments to ESG initiatives. For every operating company, we have established unique operational benchmarks promoting the reduction of our overall carbon footprint and GHG emissions, improving the sustainability of our overall supply chain.

Our Operating Philosophy

Our fanatical efforts driving toward a “Goal Zero Culture” create a safe and productive workplace where taking care of each other is a primary core value.

We are dedicated to building a diverse team of the “right people” focused on doing the “right thing. ” We hire based on attitude and continuously train for skills.

Portfolio Companies


DBW is a technology enabled vertical contractor, and as a turnkey solutions provider, we consolidate industrial services across the supply chain into a single source strategy reducing redundancies in transactions, equipment, personnel, facilities, and inventory while enhancing communications.


Tri Con Works is the leading environmental contractor specializing in the construction and maintenance of methane gas recovery systems for solid waste landfills throughout North America.

Together with our sister company, Diamondback Works, we have the ability to deliver turnkey project solutions including renewable gas-to-energy power plant design and build along with the full field installation of landfill gas collection systems.


The Team


Brendan Kissane

Brendan Kissane serves as the President/CEO of Tri Con Holdings. Prior to joining Tri Con Holdings, Brendan was CEO of Drumin Management Advisors. During this time, Brendan has successfully advised and served as an executive at a multitude of companies, in a broad variety of industries, in roles that included: Independent Committee Member, Interim President, CFO, CRO and Business Development.


Ocean Avenue Capital Partners

We are an independent private equity firm based in Santa Monica, California. We formed the firm with the belief that there was a better and more efficient way for our investors to access superior private equity investment opportunities. Our investment focus is inefficient markets, as defined by either the size or the complexity of the transactions. We believe these markets are largely under-served by private equity investors and offer both the most numerous opportunities and the best risk-adjusted returns.


Aperion Management

Aperion is a private equity firm that seeks to invest in small to mid-size businesses with solid fundamentals and attractive growth prospects, and valued between $15 million and $250 million. We seek to partner with talented management teams to identify key business drivers and unlock opportunities for value creation and growth. Aperion brings together a unique combination of individual and institutional investors, creating a flexible and long-term capital base for our investments.